Zero Gravity, the distortion of your senses through Trance Music.

There are always things that take over you and your world amidst all the hell and heaven you are living in. Although, I can’t give examples of these things for sure, but there is something that has taken over my world, i.e, Music.
Among all complexity of life, with in all the gullible characteristics of human nature. Trance Music has been a fascinating energy of hope for me.
And today, I want to brainstorm all the ideas of Trance Music I have had and the impact of this in my life.

To begin with : right now, writing this article I find myself in that position where Music is real ecstasy for me.
Trance Music took over the Musical world from the 60’s and in the 90’s it found its golden days. Days where Trance Music took over the hearts of millions of people. Generic 7 minutes or longer drumline looping over and over again with various elements on top of it. So versatile that, whatever you add-on top of good drum sound, there would create a new sub Trance Genre. From Vocals to energetic guitar anthems to tabla or goa sounds.
Only thing that was common in all the subgenres of Trance Music was the sensational feeling. The feeling that makes you lose all the connection to this world, close your eyes and keep tapping your legs, jerk your neck back and forth and feel the state of Trance; the state of truly consciousness. You would want to slip through the oomph of life and when you would wake up from the state of Trance, life would seem perfect for you.

If you listen to the right trance music, you would get exotic feeling of floating away with shiverings that would give eargasms a real meaning. Close your eyes, let your heart beat sync with the kick and rest of the electronic drum beat. The emotions slowly progresses, oozes from the deepest pits of your heart, resounding from within. The choir like vocals of female artist would create mesmerizing feeling of being apart from the world and then the lead pluck would kick in, bringing the real energy of Trance Music, developing and gradually growing to be large and large and large with ambient pad sounds in the background and progressing to a great loop. The real part of Trance Music, where everything comes and blends for a minute.

& when Trance hits you, you won’t feel anything at all, no anticipation, it would crash through every walls of emotions and you would be truly conscious, with finest reasoning and logic. The irony is that, the meaning of Trance is unconsciousness.

It is said that the scenario of Trance Music in the late 2000’s (08-10) wasn’t as great as it used to be. The Dj’s, producers began to leave Trance and start producing more of commercial and house music while fe stayed true to trance music. Few people also came up with an opinion that “Trance is slowly dying”. But it wasn’t true. Trance was going to get even bigger than before with real Trance Artists emerging in the scenario. And 2016 is the year where Trance is bigger more than ever. Trance artist today are those who used to listen to Trance in their childhood, inspired from the then trance artists.  Although, Trance had its downfall, now it is slowly taking pace to its revived days.

I am ‘that’ kid from this generation who grew up listening to real trance music, who is truly sticking to real trance music and not some cheesy commercial music. Trance Music planted an idea inside my head, and that idea was to be greatest Trance Producer of my era. Express my mind through Trance Music to this world.

Sahil Dhakal

I self-learned; How to become a graphics designer, front end web page developer, music producer, and a blogger. I express myself with visuals, graphics, music, and literature. At 19, it's only learning and actions for me.


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