Walking Through The Memory Lane…

The first ever you touched my hand, I swear dear, you created sizzles through my spine. The first time I saw you, you were a little creepy but boy I loved to be around your ambience. I used to find critique in your over smartness, Shakespeare’s romance in your voice. The silkiness of your hair, the suspense of your eyes and the innocence of your lips attracted me like two opposite poles of a magnet. The hyperbole of your diction and your speech, when reached my ear through whispers, didn’t create butterfly in my stomach but the butterfly in me used to get excited to embrace you. When life was running faulty, your proclaim furnished my existence. Happiness used to dribble around me like a fairy. For the very first time, love happened.

The cerebral map of my brain forever searched for you. My eyes focused you amid the crowd like a DSLR camera, boring Newton’s law got revived; the more you tried to avoid me, the more I got attracted to you. I don’t even know if you really caught sight of all these. Virtually speaking, you took away a part of my heart. Your presence flaunted like an onerous within, gliding my mind to betray its patience. The day of our music practice was rather boring. The reason was just to bunk your classroom and escape your dean. Not knowing what to do at this hour, I admired the school hallway. The cravings in the wall and the paintings hung in the stands. Walking from the pantry to the terrace, from terrace to the auditorium, from auditorium to the scary backstage and again back to the music hall. Sometimes bumping into the sofa and sometimes sliding on the slippery floor, my day spent well. Working with you was super fun and of course, I got to know you more unknowingly.

Time travelled and everything I had faded away. I used to peep you through the front door. I could see you looking outside the door to find someone in the lonely corridor. I could see you chatting with your beloved friends and fighting with your special friend. Singing songs of your favourite singer and talking about Arsene Wenger.You were a perfect piece of art for me. A canvas with different shades of life, a geometry box with chocolates of flavours and dazzling crayons. The smell of air around you had something very unique and close to me.

And then, your high school was over. The last day of your high school and your last day in my life; I saw you on the apartment floor. Admiring the school playground to find something new in your farewell oxygen. You looked pale but I can feel a knot of happiness within you. Leaving you was not very easy for me. Yet, time and circumstances were never ever in my favour.

It’s been so many years since you are gone. Man, my stupidity is still alive. I still caress the nickname you gave me. The way you saw me! I am a different person now. Maybe a better version of myself or else in your language an upgraded version. Your memories always follow me and I couldn’t allow myself to betray them. For now, all I have is only your memories and nothing else. Thank you for all your senseless memories. I’ll preserve them for eternity. I have enough that I can even lend you some.

Still, now I can scan all your memories, display it on the projector screen of my eyes never letting them to fade away from my life. You identified the devil within me, and now on your command, it helps me build the Lego house. I am a strong girl now. I have a bit of dedication to you.

“My laptop screen still seems black though it features your vivid sense of humour. Its chips are suffering an extreme disgrace in my presence for the ambience is full of scattered deliberation of my popcorned imagination.”

Supriya Adhikari

High school graduate from SXC. I am Supriya aka Supria a professional breather. To everyone out there, I make life simple. Remember my motto : wear sunglasses, ignore people with respect!
Life is a journey, travel on foot, enjoy the Hurdles and respect every people you meet.


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Walking Through The Memory Lane…

“My laptop screen still seems black though it features your vivid sense of humor. Its chips are suffering an extreme disgrace in my presence for the ambience is full of scattered deliberation of my pop corned imagination.”
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