The Roots of Living I feel today”

A specific person inspired me to write this article, or I must  say that  it is an expression which comes from purest part of my soul which is inspired from ONE Single person who I am grateful to even s/he is not part of my family!

I’m grateful, it’s not because s/he did something very unusually big to my family, it’s because I am much inspired from s/he!  And I’m inspired of  him/her way of living life and watching it go pass by. So

Why do you hate someone?
Is it  because your way of thinking, is a world apart from what he or she thinks as a way of seeing this life! Or, is it because you cannot just let one think that you are less in terms of your capacity of knowledge or materialistic expression.


Image source : (The Roots of Living I feel today”)

I saw lot of people who always bargained much more than they need to; about how their life was messed up because of a singular person. But, I never managed to get enough courage to ask them if the person is it really the ‘one’ who messed up their life or is it them self who messed it. I don’t think someone can literally mess up your life until you take a major part in messing it!

So, from looking at those things everybody around me expressed I learnt one thing!
Do not blame anyone for things that has happened to you, or for the things that has caused your life to be miserable or for the things that you never get to achieve as you had wished for!  You are sole responsible for every second of your future that you ever spend for. But, that does not mean that you need to put yourself through the deep and narrow guilt of yourself. It means that you have just passed your past. OR! I feel as : you have just got some more life in your living!

Getting back on how I am inspired from a peculiar person, I also have seen people resenting someone for no reason. Maybe it’s because of their color or their nationality. That is on different level. But, I guess you should not really justify someone’s life on basis of their nationality or their status on the society! That is a basic thing every learnt one understands, still there are people who have greater degrees and still follow the same  protoculture. Doing that is also so ridiculous! After all, we all have a same destiny, a destiny that has same end and that end is the end of human life itself….
End of the same soul that nature has given us and end of the same time that flows through our continuity and a space we all share! IS that not enough to end our disgracing ideology on racism and which is totally wrong ?

Yes, everyone  has a exclusive and rare stroke of taking life and it’s perspective. But, still everyone has resembling spirituality. That does not mean that you start hate something that is not similar to you. And, that does not mean you start assume yourself as a greater being than it is! In sincere and legitimate manner it means that there are always contradictory beings which confront you for your existence!

And yes, we are not the sole clay in the key of life! We are just another product of that key. I believe everyone will start to respect every culture, every religion and every soul that we meet in the coliseum of life.

Author : Valenoxis

Sahil Dhakal

I self-learned; How to become a graphics designer, front end web page developer, music producer, and a blogger. I express myself with visuals, graphics, music, and literature. At 19, it's only learning and actions for me.


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