Realism, the uncertain principle of all the paradoxes.

How would you represent reality if the mere existence of your life maybe just a simulation?

This all comes down to your beliefs and insight you have sustained and created till now. Even then, your perspective of how you compose this life and the environment you are living is just superficial. How we perceive life is so much influenced by our values and the place we grew up in, the people we lived with. Everything what we are from our atomic levels are shaped by our environment. But, everything I wrote here is generic stuff that you find in every other ‘trying to be a writer’s’ blog.

Ripping off the alchemy of  our reality, is blunt yet contradicting. There are various factors that conflict or overlap theories, understandings and human knowledge a common man like me and you can have. Our understanding of reality is bounded by the knowledge we have. Reality itself is a scientific term, the notion itself is the existence of any object is a reality of that object. But let’s just start with reality in a literary aspect.

For me, my life is a reality I see through a telescope into the vast and ever growing universe. I can see anywhere and find new things every time.

For me, my life is a reality I see lying in the plain fields of grass looking to the clouds; a fascinating thing that you can imagine it to be whatever you want it to be. You just need to wait for a while and when all the fragments of cloud come together, you can imagine it to be a dinosaur or the lamp that is beside your bed. The point is, I illustrate my life to be what I want it to be. That is the reality, both me and my life exists in.



A butterfly? A Moth? A Bat?

A simple illustration relevant to our lives is rorschach test.  Look at the image. This is a simple psychological test, to which your answer depends upon your perception. For some it may seem as a moth, for some it appears as a butterfly. There are  lot of popular answer to this single image. The connection is simple. Our life is what it appears to be, what it appears to be is what you want it to be.

Everything is bizarre here. Nothing makes sense. All these ideas do not form a proper structure. How is the term life instituted to realism.  Yes? Yes! Brainstorming is all about that. But No, these all makes sense if you try to put it all together by taking life as an interpretation of reality. If you try to coherent all the ideas of life with reality, you figure out the distinct line between nominalism and realism. You view or represent things as they really are. You pick an orange, you picked an orange, you did not pick an apple. That is realism.

But the idea, that you can perceive your life how you want it to be is opposite of realism. Yes, I put in the idea of how I see my life is what it is. How I illustrate my life to be is what I want it to be.  Yet, the fact that realism is how you perceive things to be what they actually are is opposite. There’s no grey in between these  black and white. 

I told you, in the beginning, the alchemy of reality is blunt yet contradicting. These are the contradicting factors. You can perceive your life to be anything, everything to your wildest imaginations, the reality exists in your mind yet, there’s a different realism currently you are living in. Simplifying this idea into binary.
You are a 0 [Zero] imagining to be a  1 [One]. Both of them are real.

That’s it.

If your values and perception is leaned more towards science, realism for you is the physical universe, dogmatic perception of things. Acceptance of things for what it is.

If your values and perception is leaned more towards philosophy, realism for you is the undeniable and abstract imagination of what appears to be.

A paradox.  

I leave you with a question.
How do you perceive your life to be?  What is your reality?



Sahil Dhakal

I self-learned; How to become a graphics designer, front end web page developer, music producer, and a blogger. I express myself with visuals, graphics, music, and literature. At 19, it's only learning and actions for me.


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