For many of you who have are not aware of the energy nodes within a human body; the Sanskrit term to those nodes is popularly referred to as the Chakras. These chakras act as a gateway to the flow of pure cosmic energy within a human body. So, what exactly is cosmic energy? Cosmic energy is energy that flows everywhere; it is proportional to the positioning of the celestial bodies within our galaxy and the universe. The cosmic energy is nothing but negative ions that originate from various sources within the universe; for instance, the solar flare from the sun. Normally good atmosphere contains around 1000 negative ions per cc. When the ratio of negative ions are higher than positive ions (>1.5) in an atmosphere, the condition is good to the biosystems. Humans feel mentally more active in high negative ion environment and being at such places (Hot springs, forest, cave, waterfalls and water fountains) help in the acceleration of higher consciousness for humans; as it reduces resistance.

There are seven chakras (Spiral energy nodes) and each of them has an emotional and physical association within a human body. Before starting the activation of the chakras one must first understand that activating chakras is not a one-off; one has to keep ensuring these energy nodes stay active. Just activating chakras does not lead to higher consciousness and this requires meditation or self-reflection; along with an agenda.

To begin; before activating chakras one must ensure that they have to reduce resistance from the body, mainly internal body inflammation. Monks insist on drinking onion and banana juice every day for its high anti-inflammatory properties and doing so will help to regain balance within the body. Also, it is important to understand that once one starts the activation process of the chakras, one has to open all of them; or else this will create a platform for discontent and disharmony within.

  • Earth Chakra (Muladhara): The earth or root chakra is located at the Base of the Spine. It deals with survival and is blocked mainly because of fear within, one. The earth chakra deals with the survival issues such as career, food, financial independence etc. and opening this chakra brings content in your life along with a sense of belonging. It brings stability and a sense of being grounded within one; so that one can focus on their personal agendas.

(What fears do you have inside of you?)

Solution: Face your mental fears and overcome them. Let the fear flow down your gut and realize those fears are only imaginary as it is shaped by your experience of life and society. Be fearless mentally.

  • Water Chakra (Swadhisthana): The water or sacral chakra is located near the lower abdomen; approximately around two inches below the belly button. It deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt within, one. The water chakra deals with the well-being, pleasure, sexuality of one and opening this chakra brings a sense of abundance within one’s life. It improves one’s ability to accept and connect with others and being open to new experiences.

(What do you blame yourself for?)

Solution: Reflect on what self-guilt you have within you. Let it all go as it is the past. Make amends internally and get rid of the guilt; as you cannot change the past. Focus on the present.

  • Fire Chakra (Manipura): The fire or solar plexus chakra is located in the upper abdomen near the stomach area. It deals mainly with the willpower and is blocked by shame; within one. The fire chakra is responsible for the enhancement of self-esteem and self-confidence within one which helps them to overcome procrastination and be confident and in control of their lives.

(What are you ashamed of? What are the biggest disappointments in you? )

Solution: Release your entire personal letdowns and disappointments. Accept and love all aspects of which make you up, even your mistakes.

  • Heart Chakra (Anahata): The heart chakra is located in the chest; just above the heart. It deals with love and is blocked by grief within, one. The heart chakra is responsible for love, joy, and inner peace. The opening of this chakra brings about self-acceptance within one which enhances their ability to love.

(What are the griefs inside of you?)

Solution: Release all your sadness inside of you and let go of all the people who you have lost in your life. It is their destiny and yours is different but you can never love others if you don’t love yourself; firstly.

  • Sound Chakra (Vishuddha): The sound or the throat chakra is located in the throat. It deals with truth and is blocked by the lies we tell ourselves. It deals with one’s ability to express their feelings and the way they communicate their feeling with others. The opening of this chakra enhances one’s ability for self-expression and being able to convey their opinions effectively.

(You can lie with the whole world but not with yourself.)

Solution: Release your denial and the lies you tell yourself. You must not lie about your nature and accept it just the way it is transcribed within you.

  • Light Chakra (Ajna): The light or the third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead; between the eyes. It deals with insight and is blocked by illusion. It also deals with intuition, imagination, wisdom and one’s ability to think and make decisions. The opening of this chakra enhances one’s ability to focus, see the bigger picture and have direction in life.

(The greatest illusion of the world is separation. Everything you think is separate and different is one of the same. The universe is all connected.)

Solution: Release all illusions within yourself and accept that you are part of a collective consciousness but with a different purpose.

  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): The crown chakra is located at the crown of your head. This is also interpreted as Trinity in many faith based on the ability to absorb cosmic consciousness within one. It deals with the ability to align the human body to the cosmos and is blocked by earthly attachments. It deals with issues associated with one’s inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality and pure divine. The opening of this chakra is summed up as Samadhi, Nirvana or connection to the divine.

(We are all part of one consciousness but with a different purpose. Once we rise above any attachments we sync with the main consciousness and become divine. )

Solution: Release all your earthly attachments including the people you love, your family, career, and everything; forever. You will have to let go of everything you have grown to love.

[Note: The things you let go; will come back to you in another form.]

The activation of the Chakras is not an easy process but involves brutal honesty. Honesty; not with anyone else but with oneself. The activation of the chakras is the beginning of a new exploration of the connected universe; if one desires. The purpose is different for everybody but once, one is able to activate all the seven chakras; there is nothing but divine cosmos energy flowing within that person.

[Note: Not everyone has to activate their chakras; in some cases and person, the chakras activate subconsciously; if you are able to reflect on yourselves. This happens in many cases but in any way being honest with oneself is the only way of doing it. We are all born for something great; if we are up for it.]


My agenda in Life is, 'Doing My Best And Forgetting, The Rest'. My Recent fling is within the 'Space Industry' But then again, i am Everywhere. Perks of Being Passionate; Nonetheless, i am Enjoying everything. Namaste.


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