If you hate Maths; you will enjoy this. Mathematics is not a subject that brings a smile in many of our faces. We have all had those boring and dull classes of Mathematics in school, struggling to get a grasp of all those calculus and trigonometry. I struggled big time; in my early student years. Today, the tide has changed for me and mathematics is my new found passion. The change is part to do with me understanding the applicability of those calculus and trigonometry in our everyday life. Reflecting on it now, the global education system for the last few centuries has committed one of the biggest atrocities by depriving all those students that went through their system by not making them understand the applicability of that mathematics in real life. Mathematics has become boring and nerdy; for many of us out there. It can be different; however. Mathematics is you and me, the universe, everything we see and experience and even what we don’t see; the Mysterious.

Mathematical lens has taught me that life can also be understood through the basis of numbers and equations like we understand life through economics, physics, socially, psychologically etc. Probability is everything and nothing as well, just like; us. Our birth, friends, actions, reality and everything is just a probability of what is possible. Our very reality was a probability of one out of millions sperms reaching the target first. That is what made us competitive in the first place. The next time you disagree with someone, know that it’s the competitive outcome of our birth that has instilled the competitive nature within us. However also understand that the other guy/girl you argue with is also the same. So, how do we get along with each other?


It is simple. Understand; what you feel is also how others exactly feel, primarily. Now, you might ask; but we have different interest, behaviours and his/her attitude sucks! Yes, that is right but when you judge other people, you compare yourself with him/her based on your reality. I bet from their perspective it is the other way round and that is what most of us; do. So, the probability of us getting along will get much higher if we only look at the world from self-perspectives. The irony is that just because of our ego and fear we miss out on a lot of wonderful souls out there. If you are tough guy/girl, read about how Gandhi brought a global perspective change without being tough and if you are not tough and think it’s barbaric, know that without these tough guys/girls out there would be too much complacency around. Yeah, yeah, people can be motivated and incentivised for performance but just because we are different; we don’t act and perform in the same pattern. I doubt you will be smiling; when people don’t do the job, they agreed to do.


We are all right and wrong equally at the same time. It is just different perspectives we have and the infinite probability of our reality; that creates this divide. This is what makes some of us angry but remember that anger that you experience is fuelled by the Ego inside of you; that makes you become selfish and judge others from your perspective. They are different; right? I hope you have understood that by now. Next time your partner or your friend or your sibling acts weird and before you get down to judge them; please remember that is not your life and reality. So before you meddle in just remind your ego, you would feel bad equally if others did the same to you. How can we hate others when we did not even have the courtesy to get to know them; firstly?

Every child is born with a clean slate of mind; that is shaped by behaviours around him when he starts growing. That’s the same for you and me and everyone out there. Any tough or evil people were a child and when you see them anywhere, think of them as a funny small child who had fun and also smiled; before you put a tag on them. Every one of us contributed to their situation with our ego and this situation will keep going on forever causing problems not only in our life but also in the society, nature, environment and global consciousness.  Unless we find the balance to make it work and I don’t have the answer to it; because I should not determine how others should act, the divide will keep growing and we will eventually destroy everything just because of our ego. Please understand that your life is just a probability just like everyone’s. How do you get it right is not for me to suggest but your initiative to understand others and not tag them before you know them properly will go a long way. You are a probability like everything around you and were also equally part of the probability of nothing around you. Life will be beautiful, if your lens beautify it.

Stop Reading and Start Implementing.




My agenda in Life is, 'Doing My Best And Forgetting, The Rest'. My Recent fling is within the 'Space Industry' But then again, i am Everywhere. Perks of Being Passionate; Nonetheless, i am Enjoying everything. Namaste.


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