Perception. Is it or Is it not?

So you may ask, Aren’t you too young for all these strong words? If so, Then No! I am not. The most silly thing Matures think is that the young one’s are always too small for the things they could get on. When you see someone from 16 talking about Life, you may find very funny. Truth is Yes, it’s funny because someone  who just started to grow his shoots towards sun is already talking about being a Tree. But has someone really thought about the question? Life does not bias on the Age; People do.

So talking about the term Life. I won’t define it as an everyday definition. For me Life is a Platform. Nothings written from up,  Your life is like a Clay, just depends on how you mend it. Surprisingly life can be sensed differently for different people not because it is different but because there is a sort of another term called “character”   which every human being develops on his growing age. Nobody comes to earth being Pacifist or Realist. Time makes one change.PERCEPTION


Then, How Do I mirror myself in context of my Life? Well That leaves me one last thing to say- No matter how hard I ought to try to describe it As the way I see it at the end of day it’s always on how you see it will be my life for you. See that’s a Perception right there.
Life is all fulled with Perception it ain’t a Secret Life of Walter Mitty  neither a  Wrong turn.
If you ask me I’d say for me Life is a Eminem’s lyrics.

Now this is not a surprising fact that we all have secrets. Haha, The first secret we have been granted is when we come out of the Womb. Nature plays it’s role there? Ever though what would have happened to world if we could actually  talk like this even on our First day on the earth? So even at time of birth we have a secret i.e, we cannot describe how we feel inside there? Nature won’t allow us.

The same Nature plays role later. The Secret I am talking about it Being oneself. Everyone has that part and that side of them which cannot be described or proved through any  Geometry, neither can a Science. Let’s think like this , just take one person that would be you only. Now You would think one and do the other while you would talk other. Let’s face it it’s the truth. You would never reveal everything  to even the closest person.

Talking about Life This Secret we have affects our Life or that Perception. Personally I am never asked how my life is? Maybe because I am just 16 and people still think that I still haven’t learnt about it anything. Yes I may not know what life is. Because I would reach that ETERNITY DEW point if I really find out the true meaning of Life and the true objective I have took birth for because that’s what Nirvana exactly means. NO I am not talking about being next Buddha.  If you are still getting along the whole I am talking about is obviously is MY LIFE And HOW You See it. SO How is my life? What’s in my life? is always the question I seek for. The always here means either When I’m drunk and I think a lot OR When I got my headphones on and my eyes closed and I don’t have any other topic to talk to myself beside this. Well weird,right?  Let it be one then. There is already these so called Straight forward world who won’t understand someone’s Ideology and then will call him Mad.LOL

I don’t wanna die
But I ain’t keen on living either. Before I die I want to know About my life. Well , I may still have  about 40 years before  I die. If you ask me this is perfect age for talk about Life at least you will search for it rest of your Time on earth.

When I see something beautiful and unusual I keep on looking at it for long because I know I won’t get to see it again and I ain’t lucky also that I don’t have a time machine. I have a heart that never speaks and a brain that always does. So back to topic. When I find a moment very very very pleasing like sometimes seeing the horizon line while you being on the same altitude and the earth is dark while the sky is orange with cotton like clouds floating in it and very dark brown on back of hills like someone just oil pained the sky, I wont take out my camera and start taking pictures. Sometime some beautiful things won’t be ever seen in the Photograph and also it’s pure waste of such moments been given just to take photo. Instead I keep on feel the ecstasy

The day you will be able to even feel what’s around you and what’s happening while you even close your eyes, you would start to feel that energy that passion of Living and that Smile on everyone’s face and would be able to see the Positive side of everything. That’s beauty of living.perception_vase

Just close your eyes and feel the bluish energy that is exerted by Nature and while everything is perfect at this stage you ask What is life? And That’s the most fucking confusing and unanswered moment ever. So never ask it. Never try to make it better, Never seek for your better future,
Live today. Live the moment and  Don’t try to make it memorable but try to feel the Happiness you are getting from what you are living in. That’s a worthy life and moments of it which makes ir memorable. Don’t try to find the happiness from anything try to percep your mind as a happiness. See good in it. It’s time for a change. It time to see the world in a different perception.  The most and  must beautiful thing most  human being are leaving is the gift of Today. How come someone live today or Live whats in it when everyone’s always after Tomorrow. We all know Tomorrow is always a Tomorrow it’s just will you  not die and able to live it?

Ever thought that?  Life is not what you see yourself on mirror. Life is what you feel around you when you are standing in front of mirror. Another mistake most people do is Judging their life. That makes worst. You are already forcing your brain to think that your life is  a total waste.
SO What I believe is I won’t ever find Why I am here or Who am I really (putting biological side aside for a moment : Male)  and also What Life is? But can relateye_logo_2_2e Life to something and make better living out of it. Living every moment and stop wasting a time on Tomorrow. It’s just a Illusion and a Unicorn. Which never exist and also does exist..Reality is figment of your Imagination   That’s my perception. That’s how I live.

Author : Valenoxis


Sahil Dhakal

I self-learned; How to become a graphics designer, front end web page developer, music producer, and a blogger. I express myself with visuals, graphics, music, and literature. At 19, it's only learning and actions for me.


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