No,I am stuck,yes?

Hanging in there, at that phase of your life where you are actual helpless to yourself, wanting to do things that you really want to do and wanting to achieve things you really deserve, but hanging in there at that phase of your life where you are actual helpless to yourself.

At some point of time, be it future or present or the mournful time that was yesterday, we all are indicted of not taking the right decisions or doing the right thing. We all go through times where you question yourself for the actions you are going to take or path you chose. Some of us move on from our wrong decisions, some of us get stuck to that timeline of that ‘one’ decision forever. There are some of us who want to see your whole life ahead of you based on every action you take, every path you choose. What’s the appropriate word to term these kind of person?

Optimistically dread?

If you think about it, these ‘us’ aren’t people who want a bright future for themselves by taking the right decisions, but are the one scared of present. Scared of changes. Metathesiophobia is the word that literature approves but Nah!

I term them ‘The Constraints on Time’ 

Agitated, agitated to great extents, people like ‘us’ live every moment of our life. Hoping for great times to come but run behind the changes to come. Trying to go around the biggest changes of your life yet wanting a prodigious future. Hah! The Irony most of us can understand and comprehend to.

Adding a tad sci-fi here, let’s take this topic to another dimension. How would our life run if some of us could time travel. I dont know but maybe with a help of a particle accelerator, creating a warmhole and tearing the space phasing and shifting to different stages of time or even travel to multiverse. Travelling to your past and trying to correct all the wrong actions you took even before you will take. But, everything is a result of chain reaction. Every action you take would create a sets of actions and creating a different future. So you would be never able to correct your every deed because doing it would change your future which you never lived. Haha! A parallel universe with alternative reality and different future created just by one change in action. It’s like a never ending equation of infinite variable.

Multiverse with alternative future due to one change in action.

 So, what was the point of putting up some cheap baseless fiction in this part? –

“To make a point.” 

That is, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you did in the past. How you shaped your present.You can’t change your life with the aid of past. This will only ease your mind. Physically moving forward but moving backwards psychologically. Reality can be unkind but you are leading your life blind. Why do you stuck in the past with promise of tomorrow? To the life we never had? But why not move forward to the life we can have.

This was just an expression from a person who is lost in the multiverses of what life he want but is helpless at the pipeline with different ends. Living at the moment where he is not able to shape his future. One dying from the many uncertainties of his life. One, diving into the deep water horizons. So, I would suggest you to take all this as a joke that you can never relate to. I hope you all get the irony lying in this article. I am not one of the ‘us’.

Sahil Dhakal

I self-learned; How to become a graphics designer, front end web page developer, music producer, and a blogger. I express myself with visuals, graphics, music, and literature. At 19, it's only learning and actions for me.


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