Loving Someone.




Loving someone can be some kind of a sacrifice or something full of risks. You will have no vivid idea about whether or not they feel the same way. Or if their heart has already been taken; taken by that muscular, tall, popular, good looking and attractive guy, who you think is thousand times better than you. It’s even harder when everything around you jogs your memory about how deeply and madly you are in love with her or how everything around you acts as a poignant reminder of how badly you crave to feel her love, to have her all in your arms, with no regrets whatsoever.

But some desires are only restricted up to desires and these desires only lead you up to an extreme level of distress and anguish making you all broken and torn up, offering you a feeling that you’ve now been defeated in this game they call ‘LOVE’. You, then try to move on with every broken piece of your heart with some kind of hope that some one will eventually end up mending those broken pieces back together later on.

But it is even harder to keep up with the determination after you’ve once decided to move on with those mingled up feelings so you decide to stay broken, forever.

© -Awhh

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