Dance Music: A trend.

Dance music is a sequence of segueing selection of one mix to another mix creating an illusion that they all are part of  same music. Dance music usually builds up or progresses through normally 4 bars. Dance music as for I know is a sequential mix that is created for primary purpose  get the crowd jump off the bass and feel the vibe of a beautiful creation of art in Fests, Raves and Clubs.43930-Edm

EDM, also termed commonly for any type of Electronic Music these days is appealing music which is a step change of next generation of music. Electronic music is another approach of creativity of how Music can change along with technology. How music can be produced which can give the same vibe as the 60’s classic did.  A common question is if EDM is Electronic music what is Dance for?
Well the simplest answer I could ever imagine is: “It is focused and centered on Dance based entertainment environment. Therefore Electronic Music for Dance entertainment.

The true fact and a myth every EDM listener is missing out here is. EDM as a genre while it is not a Pure genre.

NO. EDM is collaboration of Sub generation of many Genre that depends on Electronic form of Music.
To name a few House,Electronic, Trap.
I am not mentioning Trance here because as I believe EDM has been a new Trend to justify a form of  Music. But being a trance listener since I was 12 at the stage of life where I couldn’t even understand real music, Trance is  too complicated genre with tons of sub genres from Uplift to Progressive to everything else in  the world. If you vocal a trance that becomes a Vocal Trance.

Trance is not a justification flock. Let’s not get there now. But a study shows that about 60 percentage of total core Music listener is indirectly or directly involved with  EDM.
Happens or not.It does not, but truth is even Hardcore Musical genre Artist involved in their genre are using EDM as a medium to challenge themselves to create a piece that could win their fan’s heart and shows the compacity they are hyped on.
Taking example: Linking Park a.k.a LP is involved in EDM with Avicii’s new album.

It is said that there is unlimited possibilities with EDM because of it’s infinitive boundary of  ‘MANIPULATING’ music. Every part every second every bar every step. Just name it.
Because of this, EDM has been involved with most of modern era music.
A friend of mine showed me his fingering styles and his skills I was amazed, hour later another friend of mine created same beat even better with better effects added to it only sing his MIDI and his DAW(Digital Audio Workstation).
But the only problem with EDM these days is “We’re not telling stories in dance music, we’re using the same sounds over and over again because they’re easy to make and they keep the focus of the fans. But if you think about rock artists, they make an album, they tour the album, and then they have two years off to make a new album because they need time to reinvent themselves. “

Due to this fact EDM is predominant since the 2000’s.
While EDM  was termed from the 12’s of 2000 for Dance music.
EDM rules all the way back from 1980’s while it was  terminal evolved in 1990’s as electronica when it  was a growing trend in the USA. And from those days because of this, we most likely see EDM’s in top charts of USA while UK is still emphasizing POP culture and Acoustics.

But what rises above need to fall down soon.
In EDM Industry everyone care a lot. Care about fame. Care about money. Care about what shit people is talking about these major artist. Care about what people want to hear.
This is literally the end of creativity. I say, Music never becomes responsive piece of art and a creation that can just swooosh away everyone’s mind like Whoa What was that? Awesome. Until it is created with real creativity without the point of visionary of what you want to make.

If you make a Music that is filled up with your passion, your love for making it and your creativity and the imagination of trying new things and alas! avoiding the fact of how it should sound; you will reach to the dimension where everyone would love your creation eventually. WHY? Because of the fact that anything that is created with someone’s soul representing it and which clearly shows someone’s effort,everyone loves it.

So I may say there is a growing belief inside people’s heart of EDM. Slowly people are accepting EDM in any form that defines a particular genre. OR is it that EDM isn’t a genre but a term that would revolutionize Music Industry and Musical vibe? A term of technology,changing Musical form from one dimension to another?
Well it’s yet to know when the time will come where EDM may or may not rule Music.
Where the vibe of diverse music that still rules our heart.
Where Music is Music and not EDM.
Where there’s Creativity.
Where there’s Soul.
Where there is ..Fuck it,

Most certainly it’s you who will decide it’s future.

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Author : Valenoxis

Sahil Dhakal

I self-learned; How to become a graphics designer, front end web page developer, music producer, and a blogger. I express myself with visuals, graphics, music, and literature. At 19, it's only learning and actions for me.


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