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POETRY 1.1 – The GREEN Jacket GUY

By avashmisa | August 30, 2016

The Green jacket guy; in the midst of the snow, Happy and Perplexed all within himself; waiting to play the game. Dreams of a better world; for all of us At the serenity of the youth; eager to make the difference The Green jacket guy; bounded by duties and limits of the society Yet he dreams;…

World’s third most polluted City : Kathmandu & Why should we be concerned?

By Sahil Dhakal | March 30, 2016

Is it true Beijing is less polluted than Kathmandu? What do you think? Read more to come to a conclusion

Stupid Enough.

By Sahil Dhakal | February 27, 2015

 “Those who write from divine spirit cannot ever write as they think,they always need an inspiration from something” As once said life isn’t what you seek for! It’s what you live for. Starting from this simple sentence that came to my semi-conscious mind and asking myself “For once in this life, have you ever asked yourself…

Perfect Silence – I

By Sahil Dhakal | April 21, 2014

These Icy thoughts run through me cold but no-one knows and keeping all these in me my destiny is just freezes. I have now chance to live a better life. I have hidden many truths,lies in me. What I see today is yesterday’s reality,I need to learn and turn the page and rearrange these thoughts.…

100 years? 48 years is all we have to live a life!

By avashmisa | October 17, 2013

The general phenomenon among us is that we live for a hundred years. Rightly so, some very few of us do but the majority of us, we simply do not live that long enough. The blame for our less longevity can be put upon countless reasons. Every death that happens is accounted pre-mature death on…