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Our Problems : A matter of perspective and choice.

Sometime our problems arises due to our decision, sometime it arises due to our intuition of decision, sometime it arises due to a mistake. The variables from which a problem can grow are infinite.

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Realism, the uncertain principle of all the paradoxes.

You can perceive your life to be anything, everything to your wildest imaginations, the reality exists in your mind yet, there’s a different realism currently you are living in. Simplifying this idea into binary.
You are a 0 [Zero] imagining to be a 1 [One]. Both of them are real.

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Stop Reading and Start Implementing. Share if others can relate too.

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The content I can never enjoy.

A man who cannot see a thing and hardly remembers anything that he saw 14 years ago is happy more than ever! What am I doing right now if all I ever want to be is as happy as him?

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The world that is based on similarities of differences

Live the life you always wanted to. Do those things you were always fascinated about, bring the balance between spirituality and materialist of you. Bring the peace of mind.

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Only Subculture every-each follows : Money

Our world lives where we have a common tagline
“Money,Money,Money” it’s a guideline it’s an ideology and it’s our future unless we find the actual reality.
Which In my opinion we will never and ever find it.

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Perception. Is it or Is it not?

So you may ask, Aren’t you too young for all these strong words? If so, Then No!…

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