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About Life

This short blog is about life.

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We are all born with a purpose. The reason we fail to grasp that purpose is due to our own shortcomings. Find out what you can do to become the person you were always meant to be.

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Loving Someone.

How agonized we get when we lose someone we love. Written all about the agony of losing a loved one, it is a pure work of Aawhan Raj.

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Climate Change

Think you know everything about Climate Change?

What is Climate change? How do you know Climate Change is Real? How severe is Climate Change? What is Paris Climate accord? All your questions regarding Climate Change are addressed in this comprehensive article.

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Our Problems : A matter of perspective and choice.

Sometime our problems arises due to our decision, sometime it arises due to our intuition of decision, sometime it arises due to a mistake. The variables from which a problem can grow are infinite.

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Realism, the uncertain principle of all the paradoxes.

You can perceive your life to be anything, everything to your wildest imaginations, the reality exists in your mind yet, there’s a different realism currently you are living in. Simplifying this idea into binary.
You are a 0 [Zero] imagining to be a 1 [One]. Both of them are real.

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No,I am stuck,yes?

Physically moving forward but moving backwards psychologically

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Stop Reading and Start Implementing. Share if others can relate too.

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Zero Gravity, the distortion of your senses through Trance Music.

& when Trance hits you, you won’t feel anything at all, no anticipation, it would crash through every walls of emotions and you would be truly conscious, with finest reasoning and logic.

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POETRY 1.1 – The GREEN Jacket GUY

The Green jacket guy; in the midst of the snow, Happy and Perplexed all within himself; waiting to…

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The content I can never enjoy.

A man who cannot see a thing and hardly remembers anything that he saw 14 years ago is happy more than ever! What am I doing right now if all I ever want to be is as happy as him?

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Deception of my life.

Portrayal of Mind state and thoughts of person who is looking for answers about everything in the deepest sense, the true reality.

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