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Our Problems : A matter of perspective and choice.

By Sahil Dhakal | May 17, 2017

Sometime our problems arises due to our decision, sometime it arises due to our intuition of decision, sometime it arises due to a mistake. The variables from which a problem can grow are infinite.

Realism, the uncertain principle of all the paradoxes.

By Sahil Dhakal | March 13, 2017

You can perceive your life to be anything, everything to your wildest imaginations, the reality exists in your mind yet, there’s a different realism currently you are living in. Simplifying this idea into binary.
You are a 0 [Zero] imagining to be a 1 [One]. Both of them are real.

No,I am stuck,yes?

By Sahil Dhakal | January 23, 2017

Physically moving forward but moving backwards psychologically


By avashmisa | December 23, 2016

Stop Reading and Start Implementing. Share if others can relate too.

Zero Gravity, the distortion of your senses through Trance Music.

By Sahil Dhakal | September 28, 2016

& when Trance hits you, you won’t feel anything at all, no anticipation, it would crash through every walls of emotions and you would be truly conscious, with finest reasoning and logic.

POETRY 1.1 – The GREEN Jacket GUY

By avashmisa | August 30, 2016

The Green jacket guy; in the midst of the snow, Happy and Perplexed all within himself; waiting to play the game. Dreams of a better world; for all of us At the serenity of the youth; eager to make the difference The Green jacket guy; bounded by duties and limits of the society Yet he dreams;…

The content I can never enjoy.

By gompadelek | August 18, 2016

A man who cannot see a thing and hardly remembers anything that he saw 14 years ago is happy more than ever! What am I doing right now if all I ever want to be is as happy as him?

Deception of my life.

By Sahil Dhakal | June 25, 2016

Portrayal of Mind state and thoughts of person who is looking for answers about everything in the deepest sense, the true reality.

The world that is based on similarities of differences

By Sahil Dhakal | April 28, 2016

Live the life you always wanted to. Do those things you were always fascinated about, bring the balance between spirituality and materialist of you. Bring the peace of mind.


By avashmisa | April 1, 2016

I value learning; so does most of us but there are also big differences between learning and critical learning; which most of us generally tend to undermine. The thing is when you start critically learning about things you understand a whole lot better and this process is amazing for an innovator.