Meet the Team : 


Avash is a GLOBAL CITIZEN; he went to high school in India and is currently studying in Denmark. Avash is full of ideas and innovations; he has been involved in various start-up projects for knowledge and experience. Avash is a chilled spiritual learner and practicer. He loves business developments, stays updated on wide arrays of industries and is learning every day. He believes you cannot be passionate in only one thing, if you have self-happiness you are passionate about everything and is from Kathmandu, Nepal.


A wannabe musician, graphics designer, web designer, blogger and many more, wanna be term defines Sahil. A mediocre joe with exceptional determinations. Sahil currently works as a Social Media Director at the NPO ECAN (Education for Children Awareness Nepal ). He is constantly involved in many pet projects as well wants to be one of the best Music Producers.