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Name: Abin Amgain

Religion:  Hindu

Class: Middle classed

The above information is about me, yes it is about me. You know what’s interesting, I did not choose to be Abin Amgain, I was not the one to choose my religion and my class. As soon as I was born I was given a name by my parents and my religion and class were given based upon them. As I came to know about my basic info it was too late. Now, I cannot change it, it is stuck with me for my lifetime. Even for you, it’s the same thing. It’s the same for everybody. You are given your name, your caste, your religion, your class as soon as you are born. So, these are the things that you cannot choose as soon as you are born ( I mean its obvious right, you were an Infant, you didn’t know shit, you couldn’t fucking choose what you want). So, what can you choose? The things that you can choose are what you can do later in your life.

Now, since you are reading this, you are probably conscious of yourself, you know who you are right? OR, do you??? Ok for a minute just stop reading this blog and think who you really are without your name, where you live, your job, your family etc. Its impossible right, because these are the things that define you. Birth and death, we all know it is out of our hands. Life is all about what you do in between. My personal thought about the first step to live a happy life is to first know yourself. We all wanna be a successful person in life, don’t we? So, in order to do so, first, you need to know about yourself, know what you are capable of, know what you can and what you cannot do. Know your fucking self.

Life is all about ups and downs. Everybody fails once in a lifetime.  Life is about making mistakes and learning from it. Ok, so today you did a mistake, cool, now you know what not to do. Don’t be afraid to make mistake, you will learn from your mistake believe me. We all want to win right? Nobody wants to lose. ” Participating is better than winning”, you might have heard this proverb. You know this is bullshit. Everybody participates for the sole purpose of winning. Nobody participates just to participate. This proverb was probably made to satisfy those who cry like a baby after they lose. Strong people already know they will win next time and they start to hone their skills, they start to replace their weakness and they become strong so that they won’t repeat the mistakes they did.

Life is not easy you know. It is not just the bed of roses like people have in their honeymoon. If you want rose you’ve got to go through thrones too. Life is not what you expect. If it was, I would probably have been flying in the sky like superman instead of writing this fucking blog. Just know that you will face many difficulties in your life. Face such difficulties like a champ. Don’t go on crying like a little bitch if things don’t go according to your plan. Just don’t give up on what you want, don’t lose the track of your goal. If you do that you are fucking finished, my friend.



Live life like there is no tomorrow. Sounds interesting right? Interesting my ass. Once I was given  Rs.3000  for my pocket money for a month. I thought the same crap about living the life like there is no tomorrow and the spend the whole amount on a single day like there is no tomorrow. But guess what, tomorrow did really came and I was broke as fuck in the next day. For the whole 25 days, I was broke. I couldn’t have ask money with my parents twice in a month, I probably would have got my ass whooped if I had asked pocket money once more. If I hadn’t had spent all those money in a single day  I wouldn’t have gone broke for 29 days. So, please think about your future too, learn to save too. It is very important you know.

So, at last, I wanna say that know who you are, target a goal and work hard until you get what you fucking want, Motivate yourself, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, overcome hardships, leap forward. Cause this is what living a life is my friend.





Abin Amgain

Either super hyper or super laidback


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