The world that is based on similarities of differences

Every Human, has their own purpose. Everyone of us are part of great progression and evolution, such great that we small being’s cannot realize and see it through. I am starting this article with this sentence because I want you to realize that we humans are not just a SOUL which is allocated a period of time line by nature, we are here for a reason and we need to find that reason and fulfill it.

I would like to put it now, that this article is all about the differences of our world.  The differences every one of us, have inside us. No matter how hard we try to put it as  ‘being spiritual, we have some part rooted inside us which is all about being materialistic. And I personally believe that this is good thing for humans. Let me put it as simple as I can,  the morale I express here means that  “Live life being spiritual but make sure you have ambitions of a materialistic.”

I have seen extremists in both of the case. One who follows religious spirituality blindly  and one who doesn’t see any form of spirituality on any turn of life.  The latter one is ‘AGNOSTIC’.  Agnostics assert that it’s impossible for human beings to know anything about how the universe was created and if divine beings exist. The divine here is spirituality.

 So, what exactly is spirituality in my sense?

– For me, spirituality isn’t higher level of consciousness about life or about universe that Buddha himself got. No, spirituality isn’t NIRVANA. Most people are baffled with Spirituality and Nirvana being same. But it isn’t. For me, Spirituality is the connection and BALANCE between my mind that thinks , my soul that feels and the life that I live.  It’s also the balance of the world I live in and the body I feed; in my sense. If all are in equilibrium, I am of who I am and what I live in or what I am. That’s spirituality for me. I distinctly differentiate religion with spirituality too. But being spiritual doesn’t mean I am not religious. It’s just I  adversely follow religion. For me religion is my sense of guideline. It’s my sense of lifestyle. I follow religion for my own sake. I find peace with spirituality and I find my limits with my religion. I blend into the society just because I follow religion.
The only relation religion and our spirituality is our ethics, our belief and our comfort zone.These things overlap each other.

So, What exactly  is Materialistic in my sense?

– For me, materialistic is that acquisition of  wealth and riches and produce of mankind without sense of cultural values and intellectualism of spirituality. Even then, materialistic differs from person to person. Haha, well as I said that’s subjective to just me.
As I have come about, people who mostly believe in materialistic world even preach that they are spiritual but actually don’t believe in the power of ‘expressions’.  Let us believe that every one reading this is spiritual, but none and none of us will accept that there is the materialistic part inside us. But I will accept it here and there after.
 Yes, I am materialistic. But, it’s good for me. But, not just me, being materialistic is good for all of us, all the about 8 billions of humans that are breathing on this atmosphere.  Just think for a second, what if every one of us were spiritual and every one of us had a beautiful life and we all were satisfied with everything that we had; we wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be part of this evolution, we wouldn’t have been immersed so deep for this technology and even I probably wouldn’t be writing this. Thanks all these materialistic ideologies.
This society, this ecosystem and this life of us are all based on the differences between spirituality and materialism. And, &, this difference is the balance we must have in our life. As I wrote in second paragraph of this article, Keep your life as simple as you can, enjoy the very second you are reading this, breath the every breath your heart beats and live the every moment you seek for. It doesn’t matter if you have succeed in your life to feel better, if you are pursuing your passion already, then it’s an achievement itself. Because, very few have that courage to pursue the dream.

So, what exactly are the differences between being materialist and being spiritual ?

To answer this, I ask myself “Can a person who is religious still be spiritual or Can a person who does not have faith on god be religious”?

Now now, they both are exactly opposite to each other. It’s like comparing Theist with atheist. Comparing people who believe in god with people who don’t believe in god. The answer and conclusion to this phenomenon; I leave to your perception and way of thinking. I won’t put my opinion here.

But the only opinion I have to put as a conclusion is that, it’s neither spirituality that has run the world and it’s neither materialist that has run the world. It’s the balance between two. You don’t have to be the alchemist of these two. You need to create balance where was none. And, there you get peace in yourself. For life is beautiful, you got to find the balance with every aspect of your life, fulfill your purpose of life and make yourself happy more than any other being. Live the life you always wanted to. Do those things you were always fascinated about, bring the balance between spirituality and materialistic version of you. Bring the Peace of Mind; for Life is not fun without Challenges.



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